Teekkari point card

Re-experience the charm of the fuksi year as you collect Teekkari points and find out if you can become a HyperSuperTeekkari!

What even is Teekkari point card? Teekkari point cards are similar to freshmen point cards, in which you can receive points from many of the already familiar recreations and T150-themed activities. These activities will introduce you to the possibilities of Teekkari life in Otaniemi. More instructions can be found on the instruction page of the card.

How to get the card? Point cards are distributed at T150-events and are always advertised on Instagram and on the tg-channel, so remember to follow T150 on social media @ teekkarius150 (Telegram, Instagram, Facebook)!

And why? The card gives you an opportunity to participate in different activities by yourself or with others and get reminded of all the aspects of Teekkarius. By collecting enough points, you will receive an amazing overall patch at the end of the year.

History magazine

Jämerän taival

Jämerän taival is a special 4-number release filled with interesting and fun content about teekkari history and culture. Keep your eyes peeled, since the magazine will be found at guild rooms of associations, and events of Teekkarius 150 anniversary year. In addition, we will showcase a monthly object from teekkari history on Instagram.