Teekkari Tradition Party

Kutsu 150. Teekkariperinnejuhlaan

Teekkarius täyttää tänä vuonna huikeat 150 vuotta, jonka johdosta haluaisimme kutsua Teidät juhlistamaan tätä ainutlaatuista tapahtumaa kanssamme.

Teekkariperinnejuhlaa vietetään lauantaina 19.11.2022 Helsingin Jäähallilla, osoitteessa Nordenskiöldinkatu 11-13.

Juhlan hinta on opiskelijoille 100€ ja valmistuneille 150€. Silliaamiaisen hinta on opiskelijoille 25€ ja valmistuneille 30€.

Pukukoodina tässä juhlassa on juhlapuku akateemisin kunniamerkein. Ilmoittautuminen aukeaa 22.6. klo 15.00 osoitteessa kide.app/TPJ150

Vuosijuhlia innolla odottaen ja Teekkarius 150 vuosijuhlatoimikuntien puolesta,

Milja Koskela


You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions here on this page. We’ll be updating the page as we slowly move closer to the celebration, but in case you cannot find what you are looking for please be in touch: teekkarius150@ayy.fi

Sign up for TPJ150

Ticket sales for the 150th annual ball opened 1.6. for invitees and for all others 22.6. The tickets were sold out in minutes and therefore the event is sold out. It was possible to sign up for a waitlist until 31.7. In case ticket cancellations occur, people from the waitlist will be contacted personally in the order in which they have signed up. The possibility for editing sign up information closed 7.8., since we started working on seating charts. Tickets are thus no longer available for the celebration.

Editing sign up information

The possibility for editing sign up information closed 7.8., so editing personal information is not possible anymore. If you run into a compelling need to edit your given information, please contact us at teekkarius150@ayy.fi and we will see what can be done. We are already working on seating plans and lots more, so we cannot guarantee any edits.

I am unable to attend the annuall ball and I would like to give my ticket to my friend

Unfortunately tickets can't be transfered to another user via kide.app (with this we try to minimaze bootlegging tickets). Your substitute can still attend the annuall ball with your name, they don't need to have the ticket in their wallet, we won't be checking the tickets at the doors. Do notice that registration information can't be changed anymore as we have sent the information already to our associates. So the information on the ticket will stay the same (seating request and menu choices for example)

Where can I find my ticket on kide.app?

You can find your ticket by logging into kide.app and clicking the top right button for options. Choose the “Wallet” -option and you will find your ticket.

Dress code

The dress code for the annual ball is white tie with academic honours. This usually means a full length evening gown or white tie. Nevertheless, a greater flaw in etiquette is pointing out if someone is wearing something else as long as they are wearing something celebratory. This means that not owning an outfitting the white tie description does not mean that you may not participate in the event. Please just assure that your outfit goes hand in hand with the dress code as well as possible; you should not show up in everyday clothing.

Arrival to the main event

The main event will be held at Helsingin Jäähalli with the address being Nordenskiöldinkatu 11-13. We’ll let all participants know more about possible transportation to the event closer to the event via email. We’ll also include more information on where to enter Helsingin Jäähalli and more here on this site closer to the event.

The After Party

The afterparty will be held in Dipoli at Otakaari 24. You will receive a ticket for the afterparty from the main event from your own table. We will have an additional sales for tickets for the after party later on somewhere between September and October. More information on this will be posted later on.


The sillis brunch of the next morning will be held at Kattilahalli on 20.11. The event begins at 12.00 and the event will entail different kind of activities, a brunch and a few performances. The tickets for the event were sold out simultaneously with the tickets to the main event. If you have purchased a ticket, you will find it at your table with the ticket to the after party.


We will be informing all participants about transportation schedules via email closer to the event, so please remember to check your email every once in a while. We aim to organize transportation for all guests to the afterparty and to the sillis brunch. Please keep in mind that due to the large number of attendees, some schedules might run behind.

The Schedule

The schedule for the celebration will be announced later via email to all guests and the schedule will also appear to this website. We recommend reserving all of Saturday for celebrations and in case you have signed up for the sillis brunch then also Sunday. In case you have things to do such as going to a hairdresser before the celebrations begin on Saturday, we recommend reserving time for the time period of Saturday morning to Saturday midday.

The Teekkari-cap

Please keep in mind that the time period for using the teekkari-cap is between 1.5-30.9., meaning that you should not wear it at the celebration.

Teekkari -point card

You cannot get points for the event for the teekkari point card since the period for collecting points ends before the event.

Safe space

We do not accept any kind of discrimination, bullying or foul play towards people or objects in the event. The AYY safer space policy applies and so does Aalto University’s Code of Conduct, which all attendees have agreed to follow when signing up to the event. Please don’t hesitate to contact the AYY discrimination and harassment contact person in case you are subject to any inappropriate actions.

Lost and found

In case some items are misplaced during the event, we will inform guests about retrieval after the event.

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