Teekkari Tradition Party

Kutsu 150. Teekkariperinnejuhlaan

Teekkarius täyttää tänä vuonna huikeat 150 vuotta, jonka johdosta haluaisimme kutsua Teidät juhlistamaan tätä ainutlaatuista tapahtumaa kanssamme.

Teekkariperinnejuhlaa vietetään lauantaina 19.11.2022 Helsingin Jäähallilla, osoitteessa Nordenskiöldinkatu 11-13.

Juhlan hinta on opiskelijoille 100€ ja valmistuneille 150€. Silliaamiaisen hinta on opiskelijoille 25€ ja valmistuneille 30€.

Pukukoodina tässä juhlassa on juhlapuku akateemisin kunniamerkein. Ilmoittautuminen aukeaa 22.6. klo 15.00 osoitteessa kide.app/TPJ150

Vuosijuhlia innolla odottaen ja Teekkarius 150 vuosijuhlatoimikuntien puolesta,

Milja Koskela


Registration for the 150th Teekkari Tradition Party is open to guests from 1.-15.6. and for students and alumni 22.6-31.7. Registration takes place at kide.app, for which you need your own account in order to be able to buy products from there. You need to create an account beforhand you and if you need help creating an account, you can find it at:


kide.app works both on a website and as an application on a mobile phone.

When registering, you will be asked for information for the event, for example an email address where all future information related to the party will be sent to. When registering, you choose from 5 different ticket price options: a student-priced ticket (100 €), an alumni-priced ticket (150 €) or three different support-priced tickets (150 €, 200 € or 300 €). Once you have selected a ticket, you will be presented with a view to fill in your registration information and the system will reserve the ticket for you for 25 minutes, during which you can fill in your information.

Upon registration, you will also have the opportunity to purchase a ticket for your possible avec. This option opens when you add the selected ticket to your shopping cart and the form opens. One of the options is to buy an avec ticket (please note that you must also choose their own ticket price for your avec, i.e. the avec ticket is not automatically the same as your own ticket). You will then have the opportunity to fill in the avec registration information. When you click on a ticket to the shopping cart, it will not automatically book two tickets, but you will have to click on the avec ticket from the form separately, so that the system will also book your avec ticket.

Please note that if you choose the avec option you will have to pay for both tickets at the same time, as well as fill in both registration details before purchasing. The system will automatically book the first ticket when you click on it in your shopping cart and keep it reserved for 25 minutes, during which you can fill in the registration information in peace. The system will only book the avec ticket after you have filled in the avec registration information and pressed the 'continue' button, getting back to filling in your own registration information.

So when you buy a ticket, you don't automatically buy a ticket for your potential avec, but you have to click on it separately. If you do not want an avec ticket, just leave the box blank.

When you are registering, primary and secondary table party requests will also be asked. We recommend that you think about these in advance and, for example, come up with a name or common notation for your own table party that everyone will write down. This will make it easier for us to seat you together. Registration information can be edited in kide.app until 7.8. and after this the registration is binding and the ticket can no longer be canceled nor is a refund possible.

The Code of Conduct of the Aalto University Student Union is also in use at the event, which must be approved by each participant in order to purchase a ticket. With this, we want to ensure that the event is a safe and compassionate event for every participant. We do not tolerate any form of bullying or discrimination in the event. For more information on the Student Union Code of Conduct below.

AYY Code of Conduct

Special thanks to the main sponsor of the 150th Teekkari Tradition Party, Ramboll!

Welcome to the 150th Teekkari Tradition Party! If you have any questions you can send them at teekkarius150@ayy.fi or milja.koskela@ayy.fi